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Develop the Skills You Need to Increase Your Influence & Effectiveness

Sean Oliver Inc Specializes in Helping You

What does Sean Oliver Inc. specialize in preparing people to be better at doing?

  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills
  • Increasing Your Self-Awareness Skill
  • Improving Your Self-Management Skill
  • Enhancing Your Social-Awareness Skill
  • Developing Your Relationship Management Skill
  • EQ and its impact on Projects, Business Decisions and Profitability. Intentional Leadership Development
  • Eliminate Limiting Patterns, Behaviors And Beliefs
  • Owning Your Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Defining Your Leadership and Management Philosophy
  • Laws of Leadership
  • Faster Problem Solving
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Strengthen Leadership Competencies
  • Better Decision-Making
  • How to Coach and Develop Others
  • Cultivating a Healthy Org. Culture Personal and Organizational Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How To Have A Crucial Conversation
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Creating Highly Collaborative Teams
  • Simplicity Of Roles, Responsibilities And Organizational Alignment
  • Communicating Feedback, Feed-Forward And Performance Standards
  • Discovering Your Communication Style
  • Defining Your Service Model
  • Developing Your Purpose, Vision, Mission And Values Statements

"He’s very direct and I like that. I liked that he’s direct and he supports it with either research or proven facts that have worked with other companies. He uses a lot of literature too. Well known authors and other coaches out there who have written books about the strategies that have worked inside other corporations. I really liked that because now we as a staff, we can go and refer to those books to reference and brush up on our skills. I guess what impressed me is that he always had something to fall back on and to refer to. It just wasn’t information just from the top of his head and the researchers that he refers to are very well known and that’s what really impressed me."

Dr. Felicia Cruz-Delgado

"I needed somebody to be up front with me and my staff. Somebody to not pull punches, someone that was going to be truthful, that brought me to that next level. I needed not just me to be brought to the next level but my staff to be brought to the next level too. And with Sean, both happened."

Greg Olney
VP, Finance & Head of Change Management

"Almost immediately I saw the value of the work almost from the first session. He had directed me to materials to read as part of our coaching that I had never had never even considered that I had never been exposed to them. And a combination of the material that he presented to me and his ability to add value to those materials in my life from a personal standpoint and knowing and understanding me really added a lot value to me. It was personalized while these were text material and leadership material, he was able to apply them directly to my career and the situations that were causing me pain in our organization."

Brian Jaramillo

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