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Hello, I’m Sean.

I help success-minded individuals and organizations cultivate highly effective leaders and teams by challenging and equipping them to pay attention to how they think and behave.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve worked with enough INEFFECTIVE LEADERS in the past that YOU SWORE YOU’D NEVER BE LIKE.   
  • You intend to BE A BETTER LEADER and even more effective, BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE.
  • You understand that YOU AREN’T PERFECT and have areas that  YOU CAN IMPROVE and become even better at.
  • Sometimes YOU DON’T HANDLE SITUATIONS THE BEST way and DON’T MAKE THE BEST DECISIONS because you’re too impulsive or don’t have a good decision making model.
  • You know THERE’S A GAP between where you are now and where you want to be in the future, and YOU WANT TO CLOSE IT.
  • You’re DONE HOPING YOU’LL GET BETTER over time and with more experience. YOU WANT TO IMPROVE NOW, not 2 years from now!
  • You know that NOTHING WORTH BEING GREAT AT COMES EASILY, BUT YOU’RE READY to make a commitment to becoming even better this year than you were last year.

If Any of These Ring True… You’ve Come to The Right Place

I have open times in my schedule each week to talk with people like yourself.

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If you’re looking to make improvements in your life or relationships, you are not alone. Maintaining a balanced life and healthy relationships is a challenge. Overcoming these challenges while eliminating old patterns and breaking through limited beliefs is how you get the life you want and become your best self.

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Leaders are made, not born. Everyone can improve their effectiveness as a leader, regardless of position or title. Take your leadership up a notch by learning how to better influence others, elevate your emotional intelligence, increase your confidence, and build stronger relationships.

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Hiring and retaining your top talent is part of your competitive advantage. This is why great organizations invest in making their leaders even more effective through executive coaching. Ideal for high potential individuals, managers or your entire executive leadership team.

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"He’s very direct and I like that. I liked that he’s direct and he supports it with either research or proven facts that have worked with other companies. He uses a lot of literature too. Well known authors and other coaches out there who have written books about the strategies that have worked inside other corporations. I really liked that because now we as a staff, we can go and refer to those books to reference and brush up on our skills. I guess what impressed me is that he always had something to fall back on and to refer to. It just wasn’t information just from the top of his head and the researchers that he refers to are very well known and that’s what really impressed me."

Dr. Felicia Cruz-Delgado

"I needed somebody to be up front with me and my staff. Somebody to not pull punches, someone that was going to be truthful, that brought me to that next level. I needed not just me to be brought to the next level but my staff to be brought to the next level too. And with Sean, both happened."

Greg Olney
VP, Finance & Head of Change Management

"Almost immediately I saw the value of the work almost from the first session. He had directed me to materials to read as part of our coaching that I had never had never even considered that I had never been exposed to them. And a combination of the material that he presented to me and his ability to add value to those materials in my life from a personal standpoint and knowing and understanding me really added a lot value to me. It was personalized while these were text material and leadership material, he was able to apply them directly to my career and the situations that were causing me pain in our organization."

Brian Jaramillo

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