Coaching For Improvement

Discover what all successful people have already known for years:


If you could get to the next level by yourself, you’d already be there.


 By having the right coach, you'll be better equipped with the self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills vital to reach your next level of success. With specialization in emotional intelligence and breakthrough strategies, I will guide you through identifying unproductive beliefs, patterns and behaviors that prevent you from being your best self. Individualized plans are co-created with every client to ensure you get better and faster results than you would get on your own.


“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them - a coach really, really helps.” -Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

Who Does Coaching Really Benefit?

Everyone! Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO or an individual who wants to take control of their life, you will see yourself improve by having your personal coach on your side. While good coaching can benefit everyone, coaching is most effective for those who seek improvement and are open-minded to working with a coach. I have helped numerous people improve the way they lead, communicate, and build a healthy organizational culture.
There are two kinds of people: those who think they’re good enough and those who are continually seeking ways to be even more effective. So, whether you feel stuck in a rut, like you’re stalling out in your career or relationships, or that despite your outward success you just know deep down that you are falling short of your true potential - you are not alone! We all feel that way at times - the key is to not stay there for too long. I’ve help hundreds of people move from feeling stuck to surpassing their wildest dreams. Becoming your best self and improving your leadership effectiveness is within your grasp.

When You Work With Sean, You Get...

Your Own Private Coach

Committed to helping you improve and reaching your goals.

An Enhanced Skill Set

What got you here won't get you there: Improving your skills are required

Improved Relationships

At Home and at Work... Healthy Relationships matter

New Breakthroughs and Get Unstuck

Break free of limiting beliefs, behaviors and old patterns.

A Sounding Board

A person you express your thoughts, ideas and even fears with... without judgement or fallout.

A Trusted Advisor

With 25+ years experience equipping leaders throughout private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Wondering If I Can Help You?

I have open times in my schedule each week to connect with people like yourself

"I needed somebody to be upfront with me and my staff. Someone that was going to be truthful, and that brought me to that next level. And I needed this not just for myself - I needed my staff to be brought to their next levels too. With Sean, both happened."

Greg Olney
Vp, Finance & Head of Change Management

"Almost immediately, I saw the value of the work from the first session. Sean, from a realistic aspect, asked tough questions that I didn’t have answers to. Sean asked me questions that were very purposeful and made me analyze why I was really doing certain things. He made sure that everything I did had purpose, made me question whether or not what I was doing had purpose and he made me questions many of my limiting beliefs. That's when I realized that there was a considerable amount of work to be done in my own professional career."

Brian Jaramillo
President, Tilden-Coil Constructors

"What Sean brings to our team is a collaborative approach, critical strategies, tactics and a unique perspective - a.k.a. ‘Oliver’s Twist’ on the situation."

Chris Sonksen
Lead Pastor of South Hills Church and Author of In Search of Higher Ground: Climbing Instructions for Those Who Want to Reach the Top

"Sean seems to have a unique ability to get right to the heart of issues"

Ron Penland
President, Executive Forums in the Inland Empire

"He does not let a person get by with the same thinking time and time again. When it really needs to be changed, he will challenge a person to consider moving to the next level. In other words, he challenges his clients to not be satisfied with where they are or their organization is at. Instead of settling for good, he helps an individual and organization pursue great."

Kevin Mascaro

"He has this knack of getting you to really look at the facts."

Dr. Felicia Cruz-Delgado
Assistant Principal

"I was able to work with Sean for the past 18 months, and I’d like to share that while working with Sean, he provided such a wealth of information, and he's a counselor in his own right. He’s provided so much self awareness to my growth and development. He provides the appropriate amount of unconditional positive regard as well as the pressure needed to navigate the chains I needed in order to enhance my organization and my practice. I encourage you seek Sean out to work with him because he has the ability to take you to the next level."

Dennis Patton
Marriage and Family Therapist

"Sean is an amazing individual. He’s one of the most giving, funny guys. He’s one of the best people. When I have challenges, when I have questions, Sean is always there to not only give me advice, but he’s also there to cheer me up, give a listening ear, and it’s really great. In many times in life, you’re not sure what to do, you have a lot of questions, and you need a listening ear to understand you and then offer some advice. It’s not really about giving solutions, but giving really heartfelt advice and that is what Sean did for me. If you feel that you need to work on some leadership skills, some communication aspects, Sean has lots of experience in this area and will be able to help you!"

Gary Guwe
Communications Strategist and Presentation Skills Coach

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