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Hello, I’m Sean. I’m honored that you’re here and want to know more about who I am and why I do what I do.

Like you… who I am is much more than what I do. Sure, I’m an Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author of leadership development programs. Yet, I’m also a husband of 33+ years to an amazing woman and educator. From our Southern California home, we’ve raised two beautiful and thoughtful daughters. Ultimately, I’m an intuitive, big-hearted, tech-loving, straight shooting and out of the box solution seeking person. I love working with and equipping leaders from around the globe to elevate their effectiveness. My desire is that you be successful in your life, your leadership and your legacy.

My Experience:

I’ve had the honor to serve as a veteran Executive Business Mastery Coach for Business Breakthrough International, a Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins’ Company. I am trained and certified to facilitated corporate training programs based on John C. Maxwell’s New York Times best-selling leadership books. Altogether, I have served as a trusted advisor, coach, and breakthrough strategist for business leaders in 75 different industries throughout 7 countries. I’ve become the EQ Evangelist, on a mission to educate, equip and elevate the emotional intelligence skills and behaviors of leaders around the world.


Prior to being professionally trained as an Executive Coach and Trainer, I was a Pastor for over 12 years. Some of my most valuable lessons about leadership and communication were learned when I was leading and developing hundreds of volunteers. I retired from full-time ministry in 2002 to start my leadership development firm so I could focus on better equipping leaders around the globe.

I believe leaders have a responsibility to serve, care and protect those they lead regardless of their position or the size of their organization. I believe that how leaders behave, even behind closed doors, matters to the success of your organization. I believe that a leader’s legacy will be more about how we, as leaders, treat the people around us - much more then how much money we make or milestones we reach. 

Why I do what I do

I hate seeing high potential leaders experience the needless pain, panic, and insecurity that comes with being thrown into the deep end after being promoted to a position that requires more competencies than they currently possess.

When you encourage and empower people without properly equipping them you sent them up to fail, not succeed - essentially allowing them to fall victim to what Dr. Lawrence J. Peter calls The Peter Principle - "When Management promotes employees to a level of incompetence." 

I bet you’re a bit like me - you too experienced this early on in your career. I was often asked to step up and take on new roles or responsibilities that sounded exciting and even impressive. Yet it’s only after the intoxication of being selected for this new opportunity faded away that I began to realize that I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I was not prepared to provide the leadership that those around me expected and deserved.

Unfortunately, this antiquated model of sink-or-swim is still practiced in private, public and even in faith-based organizations. As a result, everything I do is related to my purpose, “Sean Oliver, Inc. exists to serve by equipping leaders” or I don’t do it. That’s why I’ve studied leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and behavioral coaching for nearly 30 years. I can help new, high potential and even seasoned leaders to acquire/improve their mindset, skillset, and knowledge needed for leaders like you to reach your full potential.

The Peter Principle”: IE. An employee does well. He’s rewarded with a promotion. He does well in that job and is promoted again. This continues until the point he is no longer performing at a level deserving of a promotion, which leaves him at a level where he is over-matched by the demands of the job - in other words, “incompetent”.  

"What Sean brings to our team is a collaborative approach, critical strategies, tactics and a unique perspective a.k.a. ‘Oliver’s Twist’ on the situation."

Chris Sonksen
Lead Pastor of South Hills Church and Author of In Search of Higher Ground -Climbing Instructions for Those Who Want to Reach the Top.

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